The Great Controller Debate: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3 Controllers

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     Many people believe that the Xbox 360 has the best controller in gaming history. Others don’t buy that and insist that the PS3 remote is better. Of course, this debate is one completely up to user preference. For example, the smaller PS3 remote is better for smaller hands.

     I’ve spent a lot of time with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. I like them both, but neither are perfect; they both have some flaws. In this article, I’m going to rate the two controllers based on their components, and at the end, you’ll see the composite results. Let’s get started!

Round 1: Triggers and Shoulder Buttons

As a fan of FPS titles, the trigger and shoulder buttons are a very important part of a controller. I prefer the triggers of the 360 controller over the PS3. The curve of the 360 triggers is great for shooter games, and it seems like I don’t have to depress the trigger too far to get it to fire. It’s great for semi-auto weapons that require rapid clicks. I also prefer the shoulder button shape and size of the 360 remote as well. However, the PS3 remote wins for me as far as positioning goes; I have to move my fingers less to get from the shoulder buttons to the triggers on the PS3. Milliseconds can make a huge difference in a shooter game. Overall, I think the 360 is just a bit better in this category overall, though. Winner of Round 1: Xbox 360, but narrowly

Round 2: D-Pad and Face Buttons

Let’s face it; the 360 has the worst D-Pad ever (exaggeration). It’s so clunky and inoperable. I want to click up in my inventory, it decides to go right. I hate that. The PS3 remote is noticeably better in this category, but it’s not perfect either. The PS3’s face buttons are also easier to depress than the 360 remote, partly because they are more flush to the body of the controller, I think. This is definitely better for fighting games; if you enjoy Street Fighter or Tekken, the PS3 remote is probably a better bet based on the superior D-Pad and Face Buttons. Winner of Round 2: PS3

Round 3: Analog Stick Positioning and Functionality

I’ll be honest; I like the analog stick positioning of both controllers. Some complain that their thumbs hit when playing with the PS3 remote; I never have that issue, but I don’t have large hands. I do prefer the shape of the 360 grips, however. I prefer the depressed thumbsticks as opposed to the bubbles of the PS3; this makes it much easier to control my character. Aiming a weapon and platforming are also more precise with the 360 remote, I’ve found. Winner of Round 3: 360

Round 4: Home Button

Believe it or not, this is a problem for me. Oftentimes, when playing the 360, my finger will slip off the right thumbstick and hit the home button because of its large, domed shape and positioning. The home button of the PS3 is smaller in circumference and height; it’s also wedged in a spot where I’m not likely to accidentally hit it. This is highly frustrating when playing online. Winner of Round 4: PS3

Round 5: Size, Shape, and Weight.

There is no denying the fact that the 360 has a pretty heavy controller; much more so than the PS3. The battery pack of the 360 remote is also quite irritating, as it gets in my way often. However, I prefer the longer handles of the 360 remote. When playing the PS3, I often find myself readjusting my hands because my pinky fingers are either squashed up against my other fingers so they all fit on the handles, or they’re holding onto nothing, which is even worse. Winner of Round 5: It’s a Draw

Round 6: Durability

This one goes to the 360, hands down. I’ve never broken a 360 or PS3 controller, but the 360 controller feels sturdier. I accidentally flung one at a wall once when I threw my hands up in amazement at a 1-point loss; it still works. My PS3 remote has taken some drops as well, but I can see my 360 remote lasting far into the future. Winner of Round 6: 360

So there you have it; the 360 remote wins 3-2, in my opinion, but only because it feels sturdier than the PS3 remote. They both have their ups and downs; neither controller is anywhere near perfect. They each specialize in different genres of games, and each person will have a different opinion on their favorite controller based on hand size and favorite genres.

Do you hold on of those different opinions? Which of these two is the better controller in your mind? Sound off below! Leave a like or a follow if you’ve enjoyed the post, and consider checking out Nathan’s YouTube channel. ( Thanks!

Also, if you have any ideas for future article topics, let me know! Unless somebody gives me a better idea, I’m going to discuss gender specific stereotypes and sexism in games during my next post.

Game On, Friends

Matt Shiflet

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