Review of Resogun (PS4): Score of 9

If you’ve been closely following my blog, you may have noticed from the title that this is the highest score I’ve given to a game so far. Yes, I’m even rating Resogun over my beloved Halo games! I absolutely loved this game, and in my mind, it’s nearly a completely perfect one. Resogun is action packed, immersive, and insanely fun, and I’m very happy to say it’s one of my top 3 favorite games of 2013.

Before we begin, take a look at that video; it helps explain what Resogun is like. I recorded that using the PS4 Share feature.

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Being Thankful on Thanksgiving


I think we can all agree that gaming has changed a lot from the early days. Even though the fundamental reasons for playing games (having fun, pursuing a goal, and sometimes winning) have stayed the same, the entire medium has been revolutionized in the past few decades. There are plenty of improvements that have been made in the industry, and for that I’m thankful. Yes, there are still many issues, and as time goes on, some die out as new ones come to life. However, seeing how today is Thanksgiving Day here in America, I’m going to focus on those things I’m thankful for, and not on those issues I hope to see resolved.

(These are in no particular order)

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RAGE Review (360): Score of 7

I wanted to love this game; I really did. It seemed to have so much potential, and nearly every review I found online awarded RAGE with an 8 or 9 out of 10 (or the equivalent for each different scoring system). The concept for the game was great, and I was actually quite excited to start playing. It didn’t take long for my excitement to wane, however. There was so much more that could have been done to make this game great, but in my opinion, it turned out to be a run-of-the-mill shooter with just a bit of a twist.

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After A Week With The PS4

I received my PS4 in the mail on Monday, November 18th, and I’ve played it for probably close to a dozen hours. The Playstation 4 has some great new features that the Playstation 3 didn’t have, and of course, there is a lot of innovation to be found in this gaming machine. When it comes down to it, the PS4 is a great piece of hardware, and I’m here to share with you all the info I’ve gathered in the past week that I’ve deemed important. Long story short, I love my PS4.

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The Story of Halo Series: The Discovery of a Halo (SoH Part 4)

Halo 3

**Spoiler Alert** There are major spoilers in this article concerning the Halo storyline.

This is part four of my SoH series, and if you haven’t read the other three articles, you should do so here, here, and here, chronologically.

Here’s a quick recap of the story so far. The Covenant have discovered the human race, and they’ve decided to kill us all. They’ve steadily moved from our Outer Colony worlds and are now setting their sights on the Inner Colonies; they’re destroying everything at a rapid pace. The planet Reach, the UNSC’s most important naval base aside from Earth, has just been glassed (read: destroyed) and Cortana, Master Chief, Captain Keyes, and the crew have just slipspace jumped (read: teleported) away from the dying planet. Cortana went to a certain set of coordinates, looking for something that she had a hunch about. Well, she found it. What is it?

“It” is a Halo ring.

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Sunshine Award and Versatile Blogger Award


Hi everyone! Within the past week, I’ve been nominated for two awards that are given to bloggers by fellow bloggers. The two awards are very similar, and much like a “LMS” Facebook post, they bring a fun game along with them. I’m going to consolidate my acceptance of these awards into one post rather than writing two very similar ones. I’ll be sharing 10 facts about myself, and then I’ll be nominating a few other blogs to receive an award. Here we go!

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PS4 First Impressions: The Controller

I’m not stretching the truth a single bit when I tell you that the new DualShock 4 for the PlayStation 4 is the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held in my life. I have never been so satisfied with a console controller, and thus, the DS4 is my new favorite gaming input device. Aside from one minor complaint, (and one thing I’m not even sure if I should complain about yet) this is the perfect controller for me. Why the praise? Read on to find out!
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