My Gaming Resolutions For 2014

I’m finding that a lot of people are split on New Year’s Resolutions. Some people say they’re a waste of time since we always break them every year, but others see it as something to strive for, and it’s a good motivator even if it can’t (or simply won’t) be accomplished. I like to set goals at New Years that I know can be accomplished; I set realistic resolutions. For example, my main non-gaming resolution is simply to read my Bible more and learn more about my faith. By no means is this an unreachable goal, and it something that will hopefully continue on through 2014 and beyond. For gaming, however, I have some more specific resolutions, and I’d like to share them with you on this New Year’s Eve.

(These are not necessarily in order of importance, ascending or descending)

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The Story of Halo Series: Flood and Destruction (SoH Part 5)

Halo 3

**Spoiler Alert** There are major spoilers in this article concerning the Halo storyline.

This is part four of my SoH series, and if you haven’t read the other four articles, you should do so here(1), here(2), here(3), and here(4) chronologically.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Story of Halo Series. It’s been a long time since I brought you another chapter, but it’s finally here! When we last left off, Master Chief had landed on a Halo ring; the first ever discovered by man. On this ring, he found an enemy that the Covenant feared more than anything else: The Flood. The Flood takes the form of a zombie-like disease that takes over dead bodies to create a terrible army of mindless warriors. Upon release of the Flood, Master Chief is intercepted and teleported by 343 Guilty Spark, the Monitor of the Halo ring. It is his job to keep the ring safe and the Flood at bay; now, he requires Master Chief’s assistance. We pick up as Master Chief is dropped into the Library by 343 Guilty Spark.

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Where Is My Instruction Manual?

I love physical copies of games. If I have the option between buying a disc version or a downloadable one, I will always pick the disc based copy. It’s just a quirk of mine, I suppose. I like having the game; I like being able to hold it and touch it and call it mine. Is it weird? Maybe, but that’s the way I am. With the advent of the new systems, however, physical copies of games have changed. My PS4 games don’t come with manuals; Battlefield 4 only came with the China Rising download insert, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes only had a small, 10 page instruction manual that only went over the basics. In the picture above, the control scheme for Killzone: Shadow Fall is printed on the back of the cover art; there’s no physical manual at all. Is it just me, or do the loss of instruction manuals disturb you as much as it does me?

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“New World” Short Story

So, this is something a bit different for me. I’m trying my hand at writing a short story (I do mean quite short) for you guys. I’ve written one before; about 20 MS Word pages long, but it wasn’t gaming related. Anyhow, I don’t want to give away any spoilers to this story, but I hope you enjoy my try at it! Maybe it’s a touch of fan-fiction…

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Review of Halo 4 (360): Score of 9

I could just write a couple of sentences in a feeble attempt to explain my awe concerning Halo 4, but as appropriate as it may be, I feel as though I wouldn’t truly be doing the game justice. With that said, I don’t think I can accurately put into words just how amazing I found this experience. Halo 4 is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played, and it is definitely the best Halo game I have ever played. Everything about Halo 4 is a step up from other titles in the series, with only a couple minor exceptions. With that being said, Halo 4 is a game I could play for dozens or even hundreds of hours, and if I could only pick a handful of games to take to the end of the world with me, this would be in my doomsday collection.

Honestly, there’s so much to talk about and so much to enjoy, I’m having a really tough time deciding where to start as I write this.

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How Does One Tweak A Franchise?

It seems like now more than ever, companies are giving the reins of huge franchises over to new developers. Some of the more well-known recent examples would be Halo heading from Bungie to 343 Industries, Saints Row no longer being developed by the now non-existent THQ, and Arkham Origins being developed by Warner Bros. rather than Rocksteady. With a change in developers, franchises will oftentimes see a shift in art style, gameplay, or other aspects of a new title. How does a developer given control of a household franchise tread these dangerous waters? On one hand, they must find a way to please long-time fans of the series, but they also have to find a way to slightly re-invent it to make it fresh, new, and similar to other games they develop. There are a few things, in my opinion, that must be done to make this shift successful.

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Fixing Battlefield 4


A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how I felt concerning the bugs in Battlefield 4 (PS4). Now that the PS4 version of the game has been in the wild for a month, I think it’s time for an update on where Battlefield 4 stands in terms of playability and where I stand on how acceptable it is. I’ll admit, DICE and EA have been working hard to get BF4 up and running lately, (read: the past 2 weeks or so) but I still cannot forgive them for selling me a game that didn’t work in the first place.

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Review of Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4): Score of 8.5

Lego Marvel was a last minute purchase for me upon the PS4’s launch. I was initially only going to buy Battlefield 4, and the rest of my early PS4 library would consist of whatever free games I could get from the PSN. But something inside me told me to buy Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Lego Marvel for short). I’m very glad I bought it, as it’s a great addition to not only my PS4, but also to my video game collection as a whole. Considering that I play a lot of M rated games, this was a light, airy, fun alternative, and I have few complaints about this great title.

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My Issue With Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition

halo 4 goty

This post may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t think that Halo is perfect. There; as much as it pains me, I said it. Over Black Friday, I bought Halo 4 GOTY Edition, and I was super excited to pop it into my 360. The cover art is great, in my opinion, and Halo 4 itself is an amazing game, as I borrowed the original from a friend a few months ago. My excitement waned rather quickly when I opened the case, however. To the right were the same exact discs found in the standard Halo 4 box, and to the left were two download cards for all the GOTY content. I deflated at seeing this.

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Cruel World, I Take Offense To Your Stereotype of Gamers

I’m not easily offended anymore, though I used to be as a kid. I am about half Hispanic/Caribbean in a predominantly white (like, 95% white) community, and I don’t take offense to jokes about my skin color. I’m a Christian, and I go to church every Sunday, youth group Sunday evenings, and Bible Study on Wednesdays, but I don’t take offense when people call me out on my faith. I’m a homeschooled nerd who plays video games, writes, and reads for fun, yet I don’t find it offensive when people refer to me as a nerd or a geek; I encourage and embrace it.

But being stereotyped as lazy and worthless because I’m a gamer? Oh, I definitely take offense to that.

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