MOAAG Coming To A Close

Well, I’m not going to beat around the bush or sugarcoat it; I won’t be uploading any new articles to My Opinion As A Gamer anymore. This might come as a surprise to you; it’s a surprise to me as well, really. But after some thought, I’ve decided to focus my time an energy someplace else; at a site where more people will read what I write. You see, as much as I love MOAAG, I’m really not getting that many readers here. The past several weeks have seen stagnation, and of my all time views on the site, my 5 most popular articles make up about half my views. That means that people stumble across an article that is about a highly searched topic, but they never stick around to see what else I write. In a nutshell, my writing is better published someplace else with a larger reader base.

The truth is, I want to get noticed. I want to write about games or for games for the rest of my life. I want to make a career out of it. To do so, I need to start getting noticed. That’s exactly what’s happening over at It’s a site I’ve started to write for, and its growth has been phenomenal; explosive, really. I can’t really go into the details, but let it suffice to say that there are many, many more readers there than here. For that reason, I’ll be writing all my articles on GS.

It’s been tough for me to try to split my time between writing articles for my stagnant site, while only writing one a week for GS. I was trying to hold on to MOAAG and make something more of it… but now I realize that it’s futile, and my blog has served its purpose. I have a hefty log of posts to refer to as experience, and now I’m getting noticed on a larger website; what more could I want?

But with GS growing daily, the opportunity looks more and more lucrative. I’m really glad that I have the opportunity to write with those guys and girls; it amazes me what we can do. Sure, I would have liked it if my personal blog was so successful, but I have to know when to call it quits. After 6 months, enough is enough. I’m moving on to better opportunities.

With that said, you can still follow my activity over on GS. I’ll probably be writing game reviews and first impressions on weekdays, maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then an editorial will come on Sundays. I’ve got a big stack of games to play through at the moment, including Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, Need For Speed: Rivals, Pokemon Blue, Half-Life 2, Assassin’s Creed 4, and The Last of Us. By cutting articles for MOAAG from my schedule, I can have more time to focus on gaming without having to worry about posting every other day. This way, I’ll be writing more articles for John Heatz over at, and I’ll be writing fewer articles total, which means less stress for me! It’ll keep me from getting burned out, too; I’ve been feeling burnt out on topics lately.

So, this is a sort of goodbye. I’m not great with goodbyes. I’d like to thank all of you who have been reading my blog; some of you write for GS with me now, others not. Some of you stumbled upon my blog, so I followed yours. For others, it was the other way around. In any case, thanks so much for reading my opinionated nonsense. We don’t always agree, but it keeps things lively. I’m immensely appreciative of your time; thanks for reading this blog.

I’ll still check in to WordPress every day or two to catch up on everyone else’s posts; I’m not disappearing. Remember, you can always read what I’ve got to say over at GS; I’d be really glad if you did. In fact, we’ve got a couple surprises for you coming up soon, so you might want to keep an eye out.

Thanks For Following Me On This Journey

Signing Off For Good


5 thoughts on “MOAAG Coming To A Close

  1. I really like your writing, so I’m pleased to hear that you’ll keep writing.
    Maybe in the future you’ll consider restarting your own blog?
    Hope everything works out.


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