For several months from 2013-2014, I ran a blog called My Opinion as a Gamer. At the time, I was 16 years old and just discovered that I could combine my loves for writing and gaming into one product. I wrote through MOAGG until I joined several friends at Gamers Sphere. In late 2017, I stopped writing for Gamers Sphere to focus on other endeavors.

MOAGG no longer exists; its backbone was converted into my personal website, matthewshiflet.com. My  resume and travel blog are currently featured at that space. While my writing at MOAGG wasn’t particularly strong, it’s where I got my start. I began to hone my skills, and I think the posts found at this archive show a contrast from then to where I am now. Rather than deleting the posts, I found them important to keep, so they live here at this archive.